Minas de Barqueiros, S.A., is a company that was founded in 1965, with the purpose to explore and to develop the mineral deposit of china clay of a sedimentary type, which was discovered in Barqueiros - Portugal.
It began its activity in 1968, with a continued evolution at all levels - productivity, qualitaty, technology, economically, etc.
In recent years it has made strong investments in the modernisation of its facilities and diversification of its products, today being one of the largest companies in its sector in Portugal.
In October 1995, the owners of Barqueiros mines acquired a 2nd china clay company - Campados - Caulinos do Norte S.A. in Esposende - Portugal - 15km north, of Barqueiros. This new company was totally remodelled after the purchase.
This china clay, being primary or residual complements the range of existenting products.
Minas de Barqueiros S.A. and Campados - Caulinos Of the North, S.A., actually possess millions of tons of reserves of raw material, in china clay, silica sands, white pebbles for decoration and gravel, all of a high quality. So the future can be faced with optimism as a new investment programme for the next few years has already been developed for the company.




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